SLP Arrives at Sledfarm

By: Logan Thibodeau

After working the ZBROZ booth at the Alberta Snowmobile and Powersports Show in Edmonton last October, I ran into Jerry Mathews from Starting Line Products. We chatted a little about the new Sledfarm concept and Jerry figured I needed more power to go even bigger this year. Considering SLP has been in the sled biz since before I was born – producing snowmobile performance parts circa 1972 – I figured it was wise to take some advice from a back country SLP performance specialist like Jerry Mathews.

Two weeks after the Snow Show a package arrived at the shop. Jerry hooked me up with SLP’s Stage 2 performance package for my Polaris AXYS. Included was a new pipe, can, primary spring with adjustable weights, and engine braces.

As you can see the parts out of the box look great. The fit and finish show a quality of workmanship that only comes from a manufacturer who cares about their products and the customers they send them to. Instructions were simple and the install was easy taking only a couple of hours.

First I pulled the primary to install the new spring and engine braces. The AXYS is a very lightweight machine and since I’ll be pushing more horsepower through the drivetrain it make perfect sense to add bracing to keep the clutches aligned by ensuring the engine doesn’t twist under torque. In went the adjustable weights before swapping the pipe and can last. It was that easy.

Once the mods were complete I was jacked up to get the machine into the snow. An early December arctic vortex pushed some serious snow onto BC’s Southern Interior peaks provided the opportunity. First ride was in Fernie and I managed to get over to Revelstoke for a quick burn as well. With a renewed bark from the AXYS beast, track speed was noticeably faster pushing me further into the deep stuff. Simply put my sled now flat out rips!

The SLP mods worked perfect right out of the box at both locations with no adjustments, which was very nice. Nobody likes monkeying around with their gear but if you have to adjust clutching it’s a snap. Just one little allen key to dial in the clutch weights makes it real simple and is something that can actually be done on the mountain. No more guess work with the weights in the shop and endless trial and error testing in the hills. This on the go style tuning actually saves time and money that can then be spent on actual riding instead. This is a no brainer for any serious sledder.

I’ve ran a lot of sled mods over the years and this is the premier pipe and clutch setup I’ve ran so far. Best bang for your buck too. After 44 years in the performance business, SLP clearly knows what they are doing. If you’re interested in these exact products and similar products for other snowmobile brands, head over to and give them a like on Facebook too.

Now it’s time to go bigger thanks to the help from Jerry and SLP…

Photo: HipGnosis Media